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What We Do?
Our aspects of tree work cover: Pruning, shaping, reducing, topping and felling, specific to your needs and requirements. We also cover maintenance of hedges and shrubs and offer: General hedge trimming, maintenance hedge cutting, overgrown hedge shaping, topiary and shrub pruning.

treeSurgery1Emergency Callouts
We are also available for emergency callout to deal with any potentially dangerous situations as quickly as possible. If this is the case we will put safety first and prioritise urgent work in order to ensure the welfare of the tree and the surrounding environment. As with all estimates there is no callout charge. Please inform us if your situation is urgent and should you accept our estimate we may be able to deal with problem immediately.

How We Work?
In order to assess what is best for the tree and the surrounding   environment several factors must be considered such as its health, position, the season and the requirements of those in proximity to it.
All these issues will be considered and balanced against each other in  order to provide effective tree surgery.

In order that tree surgery is carried out appropriately, the tree must be  examined as a living thing and not merely as a job with which to generate the maximum amount of money. At Greenwood Tree Care we aim for the best of both worlds, offering highly competitive prices but at the same time putting the tree and the environment first.

We achieve our eco-friendly approach by using biodegradable chain oil, as well as aiming to recycle 100% of our waste products in the form of: firewood, woodchippings, and compost. We are more than happy to leave or remove any of these waste materials as the customer sees fit. All our arborists are NPTC qualified and professionally trained to give you peace of mind that all our tree surgery will be carried out to the standard which you expect taking all health and safety aspects into consideration.

Why We Work?
Particular care is required when trees and humans share the same environment. Professional tree surgery is required in order to make sure that the trees are not a danger to those around them.

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