Tree Surgery In Hertfordshire

Eco-Friendly, Professional and Competitively Priced Tree Surgery in Hertfordshire

Hertfordshire Tree Surgery

If you are at all concerned about the current Corona Virus outbreak and about asking tradesmen to your home, please be aware that tree work can be carried out without entering your home or coming into contact with you in any way. If you prefer we can quote and carry out the work while you stay indoors and speak to us on the phone. Whatever is most comfortable for you suits us!

We carry out tree surgery in Hertfordshire and have around a 15 mile working range from Watton-at-Stone in Hertfordshire. If you are unsure please check the map. If you are outside of our usual working range and live in Hertfordshire or Essex please contact us to discuss your requirements and we may still be able to help. Most of our tree surgery in Hertfordshire takes place in between Hertford, Stevenage and Welwyn Garden City.

We achieve our eco-friendly approach by using electric chainsaws where possible, biodegradable chain oil, as well as aiming to recycle 100% of our waste products in the form of:  firewood, woodchippings, and compost.

Trees and Hedges

We provide a wide range of Tree Surgery and related Tree and Hedge services including: Pollarding, Crown Thinning, Crown Reducing, Crown Raising and Deadwooding. We are also able to remove trees that may be in a confined area, near a building or road and cannot be felled in the usual way. We also provide Pruning, shaping, reducing, felling, and removal, specific to your needs and requirements. Advice is always free and without obligation.

We also cover maintenance of hedges and shrubs and offer: General hedge trimming, maintenance hedge cutting, overgrown hedge shaping and shrub pruning.

‘Very helpful advice which saved me unnecessary work. Job was done quickly with very little mess and at a very reasonable price. Would definitely use again and recommend to friends and family.’ – Mr Morley

How We Work?

In order to assess what is best for the tree and the surrounding environment several factors must be considered such as its health, position, the season and the requirements of those in proximity to it. All these issues will be considered and balanced against each other in order to provide effective tree surgery.

In order that tree surgery is carried out appropriately, the tree must be examined as a living thing and not merely as a job with which to generate the maximum amount of money. At Greenwood Tree Care we aim for the best of both worlds, offering highly competitive prices but at the same time putting the tree and the environment first.

We achieve our eco-friendly approach by using biodegradable chain oil and recycling 100% of our waste products in the form of: firewood, woodchippings, and compost. We are more than happy to leave or remove any of these waste materials as the customer sees fit. All our arborists are NPTC qualified and professionally trained to give you peace of mind that all our tree surgery will be carried out to the standard which you expect taking all health and safety aspects into consideration.

What makes us different?

We are motivated by a genuine love of trees and enthusiasm to maintain them and their environment. Particular care is required when trees and humans share the same environment. Professional tree surgery is required in order to make sure that the trees are not a danger to people around them and remain healthy, to be enjoyed, hopefully for generations.

Emergency Callout

We are also available for emergency callout in Hertfordshire and Essex to deal with any potentially dangerous situations as quickly as possible such as Storm Damaged Trees. If this is the case we will put safety first and prioritise urgent work in order to ensure the welfare of the tree and the surrounding environment. As with all estimates there is no callout charge.

Please inform us if your situation is urgent and we may be able to deal with the problem immediately.


These are traditionally our working range areas for tree surgery:

Allen’s Green, Ardeley, Babb’s Green, Baldock, Barkway, Barwick, Bayford, Benington, Birchanger, Bishops Stortford, Bishop’s Stortford, Bragbury End, Bramfield, Braughing, Brent Pelham, Brookmans Park, Broxbourne, Buckland, Buntingford, Burnham Green, Bury Green, Chapmore End, Church Langley, Colliers End, Cottered, Cromer, Cuffley, Dane End, Datchworth, Datchworth Green, Digswell, Eastwick, Essendon, Furneux Pelham, Great Amwell, Great Hormead, Great Munden, Hadham Cross, Hadham Ford, Hailey, Hare Street, Harlow, Hatfield, Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Hyde, Hay Street, Hedge cutting, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Hertingfordbury, High Cross, Hunsdon, Knebworth, Little Hadham, Little Hormead, Much Hadham, Nazeing, Panshanger, Perry Green, Puckeridge, Roydon, Royston, Sacombe, Sawbridgeworth, Stevenage, Stanborough, Standon, Standon Green End, Stansted Abbotts, St Margarets, Stumpgrinding, Tewin, Throcking, Thundrige, Tonwell, Tree Surgeon, Wadesmill, Walkern, Ware, Wareside, Waterford, Watton at Stone, Welwyn Garden City, Westmill, Weston, Wormley.

If there is a larger job needing attention, it is possible that we may be able to send a tree surgeon further afield than we otherwise might. This is a list of locations in our greater working range:

Abbess Roding, Albury, Allen’s Green, Amwell, Anstey, Ardeley, Arkesden, Aspenden, Aston End, Audley End, Ayot Green, Ayot St Lawrence, Ayot St Peter, Babb’s Green, Bacon End, Baldock, Bamber’s Green, Barkway, Barley, Barwick, Bassus Green, Bayford, Beauchamp Roding, Benington, Berden, Birchanger, Bishop’s Green, Bishops Stortford, Bishop’s Stortford, Blackmore End, Bobbingworth, Bovinger, Bragbury End, Bakers End, Bramfield, Bran End, Braughing, Brent Pelham, Bridge Green, Broadley Common, Bromley, Brookmans Park, Broxbourne, Broxted, Buckland, Bull’s Green, Bumble’s Green, Buntingford, Burnham Green, Burton End, Bury Green, Chalk End, Chapmore End, Cherry Green, Cheshunt, Chipping, Chipping Ongar, Chrishall, Churchend, Church Langley, Clapgate, Clavering, Clay End, Clothall, Cole Green, Coleman Green, Colliers End, Colney Heath, Codicote, Cottered, Cromer, Cuffley, Cumberlow Green, Cuttlers Green, Dane End, Dassels, Datchworth, Datchworth Green, Debden, Debden Green, Digswell, Duddenhoe End, Duton Hill, Eastwick, East End, Elder Street, Elmdon, Epping, Epping Green, Essendon, Farnham, Farnham Green, Felsted, Ford End, Foster Street, Furneux Pelham, Fyfield, Goffs Oak, Gosmore, Graveley, Great Amwell, Great Canfield, Great Chishall, Great Dunmow, Great Easton, Great Hallingbury, Great Hormead, Great Munden, Great Parndon, Great Wymondley, Green End, Green Tye, Hadham Cross, Hadham Ford, Hailey, Hall’s Green, Hammond Street, Hamperden Hill, Hare Street, Harlow, Harmer Green, Harpenden, Hartford End, Hastingwood, Hatfield, Hatfield Broad Oak, Hatfield Heath, Hatfield Hyde, Haultwick, Hay Street, Hebing End, Hedge cutting, Henham, Hertford, Hertford Heath, Hertingfordbury, Heydon, High Cross, High Ongar, High Wych, Hill Green, Hitchin, Holder’s Green, Holyfield, Hooks Cross, Hunsdon, Knebworth, Kneesworth, Kimpton, Langley, Latchford, Leaden Roding, Lemsford, Letty Green, Letchworth, Levens Green, Lindsell, Litlington, Littlebury, Littlebury Green, Little Berkhamsptead, Little Canfield, Little Dunmow, Little Easton, Little Hadham, Little Hallingbury, Little Hormead, Little Wymondley, Lower Green, Luffenhall, Magdalen Laver, Mallows Green, Mackyre End, Manuden, Margaret Roding, Marshbury, Matching, Matching Green, Matching Tye, Meesden, Melbourn, Mill End, Molehill Green, Monk Street, Moreton, Much Hadham, Nasty, Native Hedge Planting, Nazeing, Nether Street, Newgate Street, Newport, North Mymms, North Weald Bassett, Northhaw, Nuthampstead, Odsey, Ongar, Onslow Green, Panshanger, Patmore Heath, Perry Green, Pledgdon Green, Pleshey, Preston, Pond Street, Potter Street, Potters Bar, Puckeridge, Puttock’s End, Pye Corner, Quendon, Rableyheath, Redhill, Reed, Reed End, Rickling, Rickling Green, Roe Green, Roundbush Green, Roydon, Royston, Rush Green, Rushden, Sacombe, Saffron Walden, Sandon, Sandridge, Sewards End, Starling’s Green, Stickling Green, Sawbridgeworth, Shellow Bowells, Shephall, Stebbing, Stevenage, Stumpgrinding, Sheering, Smith’s Green, Spellbrook, Stagden Cross, Stanborough, Standon, Standon Green End, Stansted Abbotts, Stansted Mountfitchet, Stocking Pelham, Strethall, St Ippolyts, St Margarets, Tewin, Thaxted, Tree Cutting, Therfield, Thorley, Thornwood Common, Throcking, Tree Surgery, Thundrige, Tonwell, Toot Hill, Tree Surgeon, Turnford, Tye Green, Tyler’s Green, Ugley, Ugley Green, Upper Green, Upshire, Upwick Green, Wadesmill, Walkern, Wallington, Waltham Abbey, Waltham Cross, Ware, Wareside, Waterford, Watton at Stone, Welham Green, Wellpond Green, Welwyn Garden City, Wendens Ambo, Westmill, Weston, West End, Wheathampstead, Whitwell, White Roding, Wicken Bonhunt, Widdington, Widford, Wimbish, Woodend Green, Woolmer Green, Wormley, Wright’s Green, Wyddial and everywhere in between.

Postcode areas covered for tree surgery:

Herts, Hertfordshire – Albury SG11, Aldbury HP23, Baldock SG7, Barkway SG8, Benington SG2, Bishops Stortford CM22, Bishops Stortford CM23, Brent Pelham SG9, Buntingford SG9, Bull’s Green SG3, Cottered SG9, Cromer SG2, Cuffley EN6, Dane End SG12, Great Hormead SG9, Harpenden AL5, Hatfield AL10, Hertford SG13, Hertford SG14, Hitchin SG4, Hitchin SG5, Hoddesdon EN11, Kimpton SG4, Knebworth SG3, Letchworth SG6, Much Hadham SG10, Royston SG8, Shephall SG2, St Albans AL3, Stevenage SG1, Stevenage SG2,, Tewin AL6, Walkern SG2, Ware SG11, Ware SG12, Welwyn Garden City AL8, Weston SG4, Wheathampstead AL4, Whitwell SG4