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If you are at all concerned about the current Corona Virus outbreak and about asking tradesmen to your home, please be aware that tree work can be carried out without entering your home or coming into contact with you in any way. If you prefer we can quote and carry out the work while you stay indoors and speak to us on the phone. Whatever is most comfortable for you suits us!  

For quotations and enquiries please call or email Adam:

Tel: 01920 830719 Mobile: 07881 902827


Quotations and advice are obligation free. Please feel free to call
even if you aren’t sure that you need work doing. We like to think that
honesty is the best policy and we won’t try to talk you into anything
that doesn’t need doing. Hopefully you’ll appreciate this and call
us back in the future!

Please Note: Unfortunately there are a group of travelling ‘tree surgeons’ using this name and I have received several enquiries about dishonest cold calling. Please be aware that I never cold call and consider it a poor business practice. If you do receive a cold call under the name of ‘Greenwood Tree Care’ please report them to whilst clarifying that they are not related to this website. Many Thanks. Adam

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