Tree Surgery In Herts FAQs


My Tree may be covered by a TPO (Tree Preservation Order)

Any work on a  tree that has a Tree Preservation Order will need permission from the local council before this can be carried out. Any sensible work will usually be approved, however, they are unlikely to allow you to remove a tree simply because you don’t like it! We don’t like removing most trees for the sake of it either but with good reason this isn’t a problem.

An application for work can be made by you, or us if you prefer.  Further information and application forms can be found on your local council website. Most of the time East Herts District Council or Welwyn and Hatfield Council will be the authority where we work.

What if I live in one of Hertfordshire’s Conservation Areas?

If you live in a Conservation Area this requires permission for most work to be carried out and the process is similar to a TPO application. We are happy to do this but information can be found on council websites.

What arborists training and qualifications do you have?

All of us working at Greenwood Tree Care are NPTC qualified in what we do including the use of chainsaws and chippers, climbing as well as ariel rescue and first aid in case of an unlikely emergency.

Can I keep the logs for my fire or wood burner?

Keeping any logs arising from the job is not a problem. When we come to quote for any work we will always ask if you would like to keep any wood. Depending on the nature of the job this may make our quotation less as it will have an effect on the amount of material we will to remove. We re happy to cut wood to any size. Just let us know.

Is your tree work environmentally friendly?

Yes, as far as absolutely possible. We use battery powered electric chainsaws where possible, biodegradable chain oil and recycle 100% of our waste in the form of logs and mulch. Any of which you are welcome to keep if required.

Can you cut down my neighbors tree that overhangs my garden?

This is a common question. Unfortunately by law we can only work on a tree which is growing in your garden if we don’t have permission from the neighbour. We can of course cut of anything overhanging your boundary without permission, although its usually preferable to speak to your neighbour anyway and keep things friendly!

How much do you charge?

When any tradesman looks at a job, he’s taking his best guess at how long the job will take as well as how much it will cost him in disposables and equipment. Depending on the job, the simple unpleasantness of it may be a factor as well! For an arborist a job may be as simple as reaching up with a saw to remove a branch or it may be complex enough to involve several people, chippers, saws, climbing equipment and many other things. Being able to park near the work site will usually make the job significantly quicker and therefore less expensive. The short answer is that we need to come and have a look to give you an exact quotation.

I have no side access to my garden, can you still work on my tree?

This isn’t a problem. Whilst it may involve considerably more work, it is quite possible to remove a tree through a house if necessary. Although this is a last resort and we may suggest other alternatives to you which are less expensive, easier and faster.

Is it the right time of the year to prune my fruit trees?

Preferably we would prune fruit trees in the winter, although depending on exactly what work needs doing and how much of the tree it is necessary to remove, we still have some flexibility. If fruit trees aren’t pruned this can affect their health and fruit production.

What is the smallest job you can take on?

We are happy to take on the smallest jobs and you are welcome to contact us over anything although we would struggle to offer a competitive quote for a very small job a long way away for obvious reasons. However please do get in touch, if we don’t think we can offer a competitive quote we will tell you.

Do I need to remove the stump of the tree?

It depends on the species of tree and what you want to achieve. Some trees will continue to grow and others won’t. Maybe you want to have a driveway laid where your tree was or maybe the stump is in the corner of the garden and will never bother you. We will be happy to offer advice.

Are you able to offer a stump grinding service?

Yes we are. If its necessary or desirable to remove a stump this is certainly an option. If it isn’t, it may be preferable to poison it, cover it with a plant pot or simply ignore it completely a stump grinding can be an unnecessary expense depending on your goals.

Please call or email with any questions. We are always happy to offer advice.