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We have pruned trees, cut hedges and carried out all kinds of tree surgery around Hoddesdon for sixteen years. As a sometimes underrated town we consider it important to look after ancient trees that contribute to the beauty of Hoddesdon. As a historic town, keeping the trees, hedges and green spaces in good condition makes a big difference to the atmosphere of the town. It also improves and maintains the value of private properties.

We are based nearby in Watton-at-Stone so please give us a call for a no obligation quotation or chat about your trees.

We provide a wide range of tree surgery and related services in Hoddesdon including: Pollarding, Crown Thinning, Crown Reducing, Crown Raising and Deadwooding.

We are also able to remove trees that may be in a confined area. That may mean near a building or a road and that it cannot be felled in the usual way. We also provide Pruning, shaping, reducing, felling, and removal, specific to your needs and requirements. Advice is always free and without obligation.

We also cover maintenance of hedges and shrubs and offer: General hedge trimming, maintenance hedge cutting, overgrown hedge shaping and shrub pruning.

We are motivated by a genuine love of trees and enthusiasm to maintain them. Particular care is required when trees and humans share the same environment. Professional tree surgery is required in order to make sure that the trees are not a danger to people around them and remain healthy for generations.

Whether its tree surgery, hedge cutting, or any other service that we offer, we won’t try to talk you into into any work if it doesn’t need doing.

If you want to find out about Conservation Areas or about Tree Preservation Orders (TPO). Please visit the Broxbourne Council website for more information.

Hoddesdon Tree Surgeon