Cat Tree Rescue

Cat Tree Rescue Hertfordshire


Most cat owners will at some point have the problem of their cat becoming stuck in a tree. However, 99% of the time the cats will eventually work up the courage to climb down themselves. In the unlikely event that they don’t we may be able to carry out a cat rescue.

Cats can sometimes become frozen with fear, go into a state of shock and fail to realise that they are able to climb down themselves . A cats claws work very well for climbing up a tree but because they are curved, a cat will be forced to try and climb down backwards. Cats will try and avoid this if it looks too daunting.

It is a common thought that the fire service will rescue your cat for you but in reality they are unlikely to do so and are probably way too busy . Even if they aren’t busy at the time, they won’t want to find themselves rescuing a cat when an emergency call is received. If you live in a smaller rural community you may have more luck but otherwise you will have to search elsewhere for help. This is an example of the response of fire and rescue departments to stuck cats. It is also quite possible that a ladder will be insufficient to reach the cat or the tree inaccessible for this type of rescue. You can ask the RSPCA for advice as well but they will probably just suggest that you leave your cat in the tree for at least twenty four hours before considering further action.

If you are confident your cat needs help try tree surgeons most local to yourself and hopefully you will find one who is willing to help!