Felling a Tree

Tree Felling

Where the space allows a tree may be felled in one go as opposed to being dismantled. A directional wedge shaped cut is made at the base of the trunk and the tree is allowed to fall.  This may be required due to disease or future development on the land for other purposes.

Sometimes we may remove some branches to correctly weight the tree. For example; removing a large branch on the opposite side of the intended direction of fall.  Where necessary, a pulling rope or winch can be employed to assure the tree falls in the necessary direction, particularly for larger heavier trees. Trees can be felled at any time of the year but care should be taken during nesting season.

It is your choice whether we remove the debris from site, or if you prefer, you can be left with the logs for wood fuel use or wood chip for garden mulch.

Some trees are more difficult to fell and as such need to be removed using sectional dismantling.