Benefits Of Trees

Benefits of Trees

Trees are crucial to our planet and environment but the benefits of trees extend well beyond their beauty. When trees are planted today they will offer environmental, economic and social benefits for potentially hundreds of years to come.

Social Benefits of Trees

The social benefits of trees are not just about enjoying their beauty. People can feel a calming effect when near trees and that serenity and peace we feel can significantly reduce stress, fatigue, and greatly contribute to health and wellbeing. Urban areas with green spaces are almost always associated with lower crime levels and a happier community. Sometimes trees can be taken for granted and only when the suggestion of their removal happens do people realise how strongly they feel about the trees around them.

Communal Benefits of Trees

Trees can provide privacy, reduce noise, and even enhance otherwise unattractive architecture. They can screen unwanted views and act as a natural method of directing traffic. Nature and wildlife can be brought into the urban environment increasing the quality of life for the community.

Economic Benefits of Trees

The economic benefits of trees are many. Values of landscaped homes with trees are up to 20 percent higher than those without and whilst this is based on the species, size and location of the trees included, they are almost always favourable when it come to a valuation. Trees also provide shelter which can reduce heating costs in the winter and cool your home in the summer.

Environmental Benefits of Trees

Trees affect the environment we live in by improving air quality, controlling groundwater, tempering the climate and acting as a habitat for wildlife. Trees help to control the temperatures by counteracting the heating effect of the city’s pavement and buildings. Tree foliage can act as a windbreak offering protection from rain and bad weather. Leaves improve the air by removing particulates and converting carbon dioxide back into oxygen through photosynthesis.

Realising the Benefits of Trees

As you can see trees can offer many benefits but in order to maximise these benefits, routine maintenance is required. Whilst these benefits begin as soon as a tree is planted, they are dwarfed compared to the benefits of a beautiful mature tree. Whilst it may be counter intuitive the costs of removing a large tree and planting a young tree can prove greater than the costs of regular tree maintenance. Too many people decide a tree is too much time and money only to unknowingly devalue their properties by hasty removal. When a tree is smaller the owner can look after it themselves with a little research. However, when a tree becomes larger and more mature the services of a qualified arborist will be needed. Very often trees are pruned by owners without any research whatsoever which can result in a tree being ruined. Appropriate pruning methods must be used from when a tree is young. Information can be easily found online or from arborists, foresters, garden centres etc.