Tree Risk Management

Tree Risk Management

Trees offer huge advantages in our gardens, towns and cities, but when trees are left uncared for they are liabilities. Understanding and dealing with the associated risks with trees makes us all safer and maximises the life of the tree.

Whilst trees are an important part of our world they may be dangerous. Trees and or parts of trees can and will eventually fall. This can have catastrophic consequences in some circumstances and the risks are best mitigated before they become an issue. Every tree has the potential to fall but only a small number actually cause damage. We cannot ever label tree completely safe.

The responsibility to maintain a tree falls on the owner. Below we have some points to help identify the issues associated with trees. If you do find a problem with your tree or are in doubt please call Greenwood Tree Care and we can offer you free advice.

Trees and Overhead Lines

Trees or branches that fall onto power or telephone lines can have serious and or inconvenient consequences. They may cause the line to injure people or property and potentially cause power failures and fires. Power lines on the ground still conducting electricity are especially dangerous.

Dangerous Tree Checklist

When considering the safety of your tree please bear these questions in mind:

Does the tree contain large or dead branches?
Does the tree contain broken or hanging branches?
Does the tree contain rotten wood either in the trunk or any major stems or branches?
Is there any fungus or mushrooms evident at the base of the tree?
Are there any cracks or splits visible?
Have any limbs or branches recently fallen from the tree?
Have there been any nearby trees that have fallen?
Does the tree have a strong lean in one direction?
Have the roots been broken or damaged by any groundworks?
Have trees in nearby areas been removed?
Has the tree been topped or otherwise developed weak branch unions?
Trees and Managing Risk

Greenwood Tree Care can help you manage your trees and can provide solutions that may help reduce risk associated with certain trees. We may suggest the following

Move the potential target. Whilst homes cannot be moved, it is of course possible to move cars, sheds, landscape features, and other targets to prevent them from being hit by a falling tree or branch.
Remove dangerous or problem branches.

Cable and brace the tree. This provides physical support for weak or heavy branches and stems to increase their strength. Cable and bracing is not a guarantee against branch failure.

Routine maintenance. Mature trees especially need regular care in the form of water, nutrients, mulch, and pruning as dictated by the seasons and species of tree.

Remove the tree. Sometimes it is preferable to remove a dangerous tree if there ares no other reasonable alternatives. Whenever possible plant a new tree as a replacement.Reducing tree risk not increases the safety of yourself and your property whilst also improving the tree’s health and lifespan.